Everything About CO-ED School in Bahasa Indonesia

Soomi’s Twitter Update (12/23) [3 PICS]

스케줄 오후. 9시를. 오전9시로 착각하고. 새벽6시에 샵스케줄 잡아버린매니져오빠. 휴. ㅋㅋ 새벽부터 감사합니다^^다시저녁6시에. 샵한번 더가다니 ㅋㅋ. 참. 졸리고 신나요 ^. ^ 짱^^

–> Making a mistake thinking that my 9PM schedule was at 9AM, my manager oppa made a reservation at the shop [T/N: hair salon] at 6AM. Hoo. Keke Thank you for doing it at dawn ^^ To think that I’ll have to go back to the shop at 6PM again keke. I’m quite tired and excited ^.^ Jjang ^^

엠넷tv 비틀즈코드. 녹화하고왔다 ㅋㅋㅋ..1월6일 방송해요 많은시청바랍니다 .정말너무재미있게촬영함시간가는지도모르게

–> Came after recording Mnet TV’s Beatles Code kekeke.. It’s airing on January 6th, I’m hoping that many of you can watch it. I really had so much fun recording, not even noticing that the time was passing

Source: Soomi’s Twitter
Translated by: crazeecores @ Core Clique

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