Everything About CO-ED School in Bahasa Indonesia

Soomi’s Twitter Update (12/18)

2nd pic after the cut

작년 이맘때쯤. 연습실에사찍은게잇어서올려봐요ㅜ. 머리길고싶다. 이제크리스마스다가오는데 연습실에서. 보내겟지. 아오 ㅠㅠ뭐여 http://yfrog.com/h47mooj

Here is a photo in the practice room from around the same time last year. I want my hair to grow longer ㅜ. Looks like I will be spending my Christmas in the practice room. Aigoo ㅠㅠ what the

Ini adalah foto di ruang latihan sekitar waktu yg sama tajun lalu. Aku ingin rambutku tumbuh lebih panjang. Sepertinya aku akan menghabiskan Natal di ruang latihan. Aigoo ㅠㅠ what the

Source: Soomi’s Twitter
Translated by: tokkimaro @ Core Clique
Indonesian Translated by : yoora94 @ aboutcoed.wordpress.com

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