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Doppelganger of Goo Hara and Hyewon

Park Jihyun from Hanyang Women University. Famous as Goo Hara’s doppelganger. Also looks like Co-Ed’s One Star Hyewon!
[T/N: Doppelganger – any double or look-alike of a person.]

A doppelganger of Kara’s member, Goo Hara, finally appeared.

On 16th December, some internet photo sites are showing their interest toward “Hanyang Women University’s Goo Hara”. And also some interest towards One Star Hyewon from mixed group Co-Ed who was called as “Little Goo Hara”.

Park Jihyun appeared in a Cabel TV show called “Lee Sugeun’s Guerrilla Kitchen”. MC Seong Daehyun accidentally found her. She’s a student of Industrial Design in Hanyang Women University. She looks like Goo Hara from eyes, height, until body, and becoming a big news.

Netizens who watched the show commented, “3 of them looks a like.” ; “2 of them are Goo Hara’s doppelganger! No doubt, Goo Hara is the trend lately.”


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